Saturday, March 3, 2012

Launch of Archaeology Eats

This blog, started for as a project for an Archeology class at Colorado State University, will have the distinct purpose of raising public interest in archaeology through something that people seem to love: food. Archaeologists often uncover pottery sherds, projectile points, and even pieces of charcoal that can tell us more about the past. What we are really trying to learn from this type of data is how peoples in the past lived. Therefore, it can certainly be said that archaeologists are interested in finding out just what these folks were eating on a daily basis. Similarly, modern humans are interested in deciding what to eat, where to shop, and what foods are available to them, shaping their lifeway.

I'll be cooking, photographing, and eating some delicious ancient foods over the next several weeks (or longer) so please feel free to read, comment, and give suggestions on what I should try next. Because authentic ancient supplies can be hard to find and costly, I'll be putting my own twist on each dish to make it affordable, easy, and delicious enough for the modern, price savvy human. As I post, I'll make sure to upload the recipes I use so that you can try them as well. Bon appetit!

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